The Best Range Of Roller Blinds In Grampian And Aberdeenshire

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Grampian Blinds are delighted to offer the best range of roller blinds in Grampian, Aberdeenshire and the North-East of Scotland.

Our roller blinds are stunning whether you are viewing them from outside or inside your home. Roller blinds are particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture can be a problem for other blind types. Rollers are durable and easy to maintain. As well as being practical they diffuse light and provide privacy.

We offer a huge selection of colours from neutrals, creams and whites to plain colours in bold tones and our rollers are available in almost 400 patterns and fabrics including florals, contemporary and retro styles. Let your creative side free, and customise your roller blinds with shaped scalloped bottoms, braids, decorative pulls or beaded trims to make your blinds individual and unique to your requirements.

Our Intu or Perfect Fit range of roller blinds require no screw fixings so they are perfect for tilt and turn windows or protecting guarantees on newly fitted windows and conservatories. All our roller blinds are available without cords – perfect for areas frequented by children. Roller blinds in Grampian – always fashionable with a surprising degree of privacy.

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Grampian Roller Blinds Information

Roller Blinds Specifications

  • Operation – rolls up or down for light control
  • Fabric properties include blackout; water-resistant; flame retardant; sheer; screen; SPC energy saving – reduce heat gain in summer and retain more warmth in winter
  • Finishing touches – decorative scallops; braids; pulls; poles; eyelets; control chains colours;
  • Child safe control options – breakaway friction-chain control; spring loaded; electrical motor with remote control
  • Standard Tube – 32” diameter roller tube; 100% aluminium; strengthening fin
  • Standard Bottom Bar fitted with end caps
  • Optional Cassette (Open and Closed) and Guide Wire systems
  • Available in 40” and 45” diameter systems for larger windows

Perfect for which room?

  • Bedrooms
  • Nursery/Kids Room
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens

Roller Blinds Optional Finishes

  • roller-blinds-options-scallop Scallops
  • roller-blinds-options-braid Braids
  • roller-blinds-options-braid-poms Pom-Poms
  • roller-blinds-options-pole Poles
  • roller-blinds-options-pulls Pulls


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